03 Jun

15 Different Hairstyles for 15 Different Men

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15 Different Men’s Hairstyles for 15 Different Men

What’s happening with men’s hairstyles in 2021? After getting a good look at the scene, we’ve gathered a solid group of hairstyles for men, dudes, and anyone else who’s interested in what’s trending these days.

What’s the look for you? Professional and sleek? Relaxed and laid back? Wave control? Don’t worry, we thought of just about everything. We’ve got cuts that fit men with curls, older gents, and of course, the classic, all-rounders. Which hairstyle will you choose?

The Professional

Take a gander at what men’s hairsyles businessmen are sporting these days. For the dapper gent that’s always in the office, here are some short, medium, and long length professional hairstyles for men that your boss won’t shut down this side of 2021.

1)    The Biz Taper (Short taper)

Passed around the grapevine as the classic, “businessman” cut, most men won’t go wrong with the taper. This is a men’s hairstyle that will always be…. well, in style. Simple and to the point, you want to try out the Biz Taper.

What it looks like: Both the sides and back are trimmed neatly and close to the skin, with a little length on the top. This hairstyle fits most men’s face shapes and is easy to maintain, ideal for the professional on the go.

2)    A Gentleman and a Scholar (Medium taper)

Who’s ready to get to work? You definitely are. Men who don the medium-length taper are ready to hit the ground running and all that. This hairstyle has been around for ages and never disappoints.

What it looks like: A medium-length taper, the sides and back aren’t trimmed as close so it keeps a little bit of body. The top tuft is a few inches longer than the rest.

3)    The Smooth Talker (Long taper)

Salesmen seem to love this look. The long taper really leans into the slick, modern vibe that makes it feel like he can persuade you to do anything. Real smooth, guy. Real smooth. If you’re looking for an edgy hairstyle that’s sure to impress, you’ve come to the right place.

What it looks like: A longer length taper, the sides and back are lightly trimmed with scissors, and the top hair is left several inches longer and thicker than the rest. It looks best slicked back with some product but can still remain classy when it falls to the side.

He Who is Laid Back

For the gentlemen that choose to lounge. These hairstyles are for you.

1)    Double Wide (Short, messy fade)

This look is a party on the top, business in the middle. More of a messy fade, this is a short, simple cut that allows for ultimate, summer lounging. Just run your hands through the top to give it some life, and voila.

What it looks like: Fade the sides and back, leave some thicker, tousled hair on top. Bangs are kept short.

2)    The Bed Head (Medium, messy all around)

Some men can really wear the bed head look well. Who knew it took some effort to look effortless? Just wake up, run damp fingers through your hair, and walk right out.

What it looks like: Cut all around with scissors. Leave a lot on top, almost what a grown fade looks like a few weeks later.

3)    Effortless Waves (Longer, layered, messy)

Keanu Reeves, is that you? For the dude who likes fingers run through his hair on the couch, get some layered waves. They offer simplicity, length, and are easy to maintain…as in… you don’t maintain them at all really.

What it looks like: Can be ear or neck length. The front has layers that frame the face. Literally, just shake your head and the strands will messily fall into place. Kind of like organized chaos. Add a little hair spray if you want to “dress up for once”.


Finding the perfect men’s hairstyles is hard to do. Classic hairstyles won’t look the same here, but you can try. Here are some good looks for men with curly hair:

1)    The Dude-padour (Like the pompadour, but short)

This men’s hairstyle is slick and multi-faceted. Both curly and straight-haired gents can pull it off. A medium or short-length pompadour look is a solid path to take when you’re trying to charm the room. It also works well left messy and unkempt.

What it looks like: It all started with Elvis and the power of dance. This lustrous, bold look is made by keeping the sides and back trimmed, with the back kept a couple of notches longer. The sides start off about the same length as the top and then gradually shorten into a neat fade as you go down above the neck. Hair on top of the head is left longer, about two or three inches, and kept narrow. It can be slicked back but looks great when the curls and waves, reinforced with hair product, are just left to their own devices. When slicked back, the front starts off thickest and then gradually thins as it flows to the back. Make it more of a fade and trim the back and sides almost completely.

2)    On the Fringe. (Medium waves)

Men with waves can usually rock the curly fringe hairstyle. A little product goes a long way and allows the waves and curls to maintain their flow while remaining in place. Whether it’s tamed or a little disheveled, this medium curly haircut is quite dapper.

What it looks like: It’s kind of like a swoop and woosh, with the waves lightly falling on one side. Pick which side is the best and part the waves.

3)    Washed over Waves (Long curls with fade)

A little modern, a little edgy, this windswept look really highlights thick curls. Throw some hairspray or styling cream to keep it all together. Or don’t, this hairstyle works messy too.

What it looks like: Thick, longer length curls or waves on top, going into a sharp low fade just under the thickest part for that something extra.

Over 50 and Refined

Just because you’re over 50, doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper. Several of the best men’s hairstyles that look good on younger gents, look good on men over 50. Even so, here are some classic looks for the refined, older man.

1)    Naked and Not Afraid (Sans-hair)

There’s no shame in the bald game. Some guys just get sick of having hair and shave it all off. And why not? It’s the easiest look around!

What it looks like: Take a razor and lay it on your dome. Regardless, if you pick sleek and shiny, or stubbly and rough, the bald look is bold, fearless, and just plain efficient.

2)    A King’s Haircut (short on all sides)

A commanding haircut, this style is also simple and concise. Easy to maintain and looks great on most face shapes, older gentlemen can’t go wrong with this cut.

What it looks like: The sides and back are faded a notch above skin level, while the hair on top is only slightly longer, trimmed short and narrow with scissors, and combed forward.

3)    Sideswept and Neat (Medium to long side part with fade)

This look is a stone, cold classic. With hair elegantly swept over to the side and a neat fade underneath, men over 50 will still keep heads.

What it looks like: The hair on top is a couple of inches longer than the rest, parted, and swept to one side. Next, there’s a high to low skin fade that really classes the up.

The Cut(s) of All Trades

Can we just keep it simple? These classic men’s hairstyles for men work with most faces and hair textures. Whether you want to take on the short, medium, or longer length, here are some hairstyles that work in just about any situation.

1)    A Bit Butch (All around shave)

Also sometimes referred to as the “military” cut, this shaved look will fit any man who wants to just keep it all out of the way. For the minimalist guy who is always on the go, get the all-around shave.

What it looks like: Top, sides, and back are all shaved mostly to the skin. You can choose to have this a bit thicker depending on what look you’re going for.

2)    Short and Sweet (Chopped and Cropped)

Longer than the butch, but still chopped all over. This look works from the moment you get out of bed in the morning, and back again that night.

What it looks like: This short and sweet hairstyle is about an inch long all around. Usually cut shorter with scissors. It’s basically the all-around shave after it grows back a month later.

3)         The Man Bun (Long and layered)

It is what it is. This long, sweeping hairstyle can look good on a range of textures. Just tie it up in a bun when you’re dressing up and you’ll be good to go.

What it looks like: Long, shoulder-length, and layered. Need we say more? Add a stretchy hair tie for the bun effect.

What say you, dapper gents, interested in any of these men’s hairstyles? Even if none of these cuts fit your unique personality, we can work on a new look together that truly matches your inner self. Stop by the Dapper Gents barbershop and grooming lounge (Saint Louis, Missouri) and we’ll clean you right up. You deserve it.