25 Jan

Haircuts to Try for All Hair Types

New Year, New Haircuts to Test Out

Out the door with New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk about what hairstyles could be the look this year. Like other trends, we can’t predict which ones will be in style. However, we can tell you which ones would be worth trying out. Here are five different 2023 hair trends that may be within your grasp.

Bald as Can Be

If you are a man starting to see a receding hairline form or bald patches form, this is your push to shave it all off. Give the other features of your face a chance to shine! There is no need to add time to your routine for styling because this look is ready to go when you wake up. Since you are shaving the hair off, this cut is perfect for every hair type.

Buzz Cut

The buzzcut is a timeless classic haircut that can be sported by men of all ages. If you want something that makes you fit in with the crowd, this is the haircut for you. Wanting to be friendly? You got it. Wanting to be closed off? Yup, it can give that vibe off, too. This 2023 haircut is suitable for all hair types, which makes it the most versatile cut for the upcoming year.

Faded High and Tight

With a fade on the sides and a couple of inches left on the top, this haircut is perfect for men with voluminous hair – ideally for those with a little curl, so the hair on top has even more height. This cut tells people you are sophisticated and ready to spark a conversation. Depending on the curliness of your hair, you may need a few extra minutes of attention to your hair before you start your day.

Curtains Calling

Brought back to life by the younger generation, the curtain hairstyle is a combination of a buzz-cut shave underneath and medium-length hair flowing from the top down to both sides. Ideally, this hairstyle is for those with straight to semi-wavy hair. If you’re starting with a shorter hair length, you may need to wait until your hair has grown out to achieve this look.

Short, Thick Curls

Possibly against popular opinion, short curly hairstyles are a good look too! This short cut features thick and curly hair at the same length all around. If you have straight hair, this look may not be for you. This haircut emits the vibe of a friendly, inviting man. How much attention this cut needs is dependent on how you want your curls. You may need a product to keep the frizz down but ask your Dapper Gents hairstylist what they suggest at your next appointment.

Dapper Gents can perfect the look no matter what hairstyle you choose to sport this year. Head to your St. Louis local hair parlor for the full hair experience. Contact us today to make an appointment and get the 2023 hair of your dreams.