29 Aug

Beard Maintenance 101

Most men want a beard at some point in their life. But do men know the beard maintenance they need to do to take care of one? The facial hair look has been popular forever and there are many famous people who are known for their beards. Abraham Lincoln, Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman… to name a few.

A beard is a great way for men to express themselves and get compliments at the same time. When deciding to rock a beard, most men want to have control over the style, shape, and all-around vibe. 

However, although a beard can be nice, it can be easy to get carried away with the length if a routine isn’t followed. And a lot of times, routine, and maintenance aren’t considered before the decision to hop on the facial hair game train is made.

So, before you start your beard journey, here are some tips to keep your facial hair healthy and looking good.  

Keep it Clean

There are plenty of men who do not wash their beards as often as they should. You should be washing your beard with hydrating shampoo a few times a week. If you do not wash your beard on a regular basis, it can cause a buildup of sweat and dead skin. Nobody wants that in their beards.

The best way to condition your beard is to regularly apply oil. It will keep your facial hair moisturized and your skin underneath feeling good as well. Depending on your hair type, you may need to apply the oil differently. The oilier the hair, the less oil you need and the less often you need to apply it. With more dry hair, you can apply it more often and use a little more oil than usual. You might have to do some experimenting to find the right amount for your hair.

Regular Trim Jobs

You can cut with scissors for just a slight trim or use a beard trimmer to cut more hair faster. A trim every few weeks will keep it healthier and get rid of any dead ends. Using a comb while trimming your beard will help remove already trimmed hair and keep your path clear.

When it is time to trim your mustache, use scissors to get a precise and natural look that compliments your face shape and your beard.

However, the word doesn’t end on your face. Keeping your neckline trimmed is important if you want to have a clean look. It is hard for some men to achieve that clean look. We recommend working slowly and remaining patient.

If you feel too overwhelmed to do the trimming yourself, that is where we come in. Finding a good barber to keep you looking fresh and feeling good is key to perfecting your beard and loving your look.

If you are beginning to see the appeal, and are ready to grow a good beard, feel free to reach out to our team here at Dapper Gents. We can help you with any beard maintenance needs or advice you may need. Pop on in to see us or set up an appointment today.