06 Aug

Beard Oil Facts

First impressions are so important. It’s essential to feel confident and look your best. If your appearance is put together from head to toe, your self-assurance will show. One way to up your appearance is by utilizing beard oil.

For those of us that put our best face forward with a beard, it can add some challenges to maintaining our overall appearance. Not only do we need to look stylish with wrinkle-free attire and a clean haircut, beards require additional care, too. Often, beards can look unruly and also feel uncomfortable. Beards that aren’t maintained not only look sloppy but can be rough and prickly in texture when trying to get close.

Why conditioning the beard is important.

Dapper Gents Grooming offers some handy tips on maintaining your beard with oil, completing your overall look while adding comfort to your bearded style. Beards have hair that is coarser than the hair on your head, contributing to a drier and more stiff appearance. When you regularly condition your beard hair, you’ll notice softer skin beneath and a sleek outward appearance that looks healthy and nourished.

Beard oil makes a lasting impression.

When using oil, a little goes a long way. It takes only a drop or two, depending on the length of the beard, to make a big difference. Dapper Gents Lounge offers beard and mustache trims that include the use of moisturizing oil or balm to complete the look. It’s best to rub the oil into the beard in a massage-like motion to ensure its effectiveness. Whether you prefer the Ember & Valor brand or the Roughneck Balm, we’ve got you covered.

Lightweight control.

Beard oils shouldn’t be too heavy. Beard oil should be light and non-greasy. At Dapper Gents, our beard oil is made with a perfect balance of ingredients that provide nourishment to the skin and hair. Shiny, non-flaking facial hair not only looks great but feels great too.

Beard oil: results run deep.

Fragrance and chemical-free, our oils offer overall health benefits. Dapper Gents uses oil with natural ingredients, including essential oils, to complete your entire look. Using oil is a great tool to add to your medicine cabinet and daily grooming routine.

The entire team at Dapper Gents can help you perfect your overall style, from tailored cuts to waxing, we are here to create the best version of you. Have questions about any of our products and services, including our beard oil? Give us a call, find products and services online or visit us here.

Whatever you do, our team at Dapper Gents has got you covered. If you need help perfecting the look or don’t know what product to use, then visit us today.