02 Jul

Beard Shaping Tips: What You Need to Know

Growing out a beard takes time and a bit of effort, believe it or not. It can be annoying and frustrating dealing with wild hairs that are out of control and out of place. You may even be tempted to trim those hairs while you’re still in the growing phase – just to keep things looking fresh. The good news is, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Once your beard length is at the point where you want, the real style fun begins: shaping! This doesn’t come easy, learning how to successfully shape your beard is an art form; it takes skill and technique. But don’t worry, we’re going to help you out. 

Beards are like clothing accessories – it needs to fit you. If you have a round face, you’ll want a fuller beard but if you have a slim face, you’ll want one that is more streamlined. If you mismatch your beard shape to your face shape, everything will be off balance and will certainly not be the best fit for your desired look.

So, your beard has grown in, and you’ve settled on either a full or streamlined shape. Now it’s time to get trimming. Use a wide tooth comb to thoroughly brush your beard. You can snip off some of those straggly out-of-place hairs with some grooming scissors. We also recommend purchasing beard trimmers with different guard sizes to trim off larger portions of your beard. Trimming your beard regularly and correctly will help it keep its shape while maintaining that clean, stylish, debonair look you’ve been going after.

Whatever you do, do not forget to shape your sideburns! We have seen a number of men come into Dapper Gents, having clearly missed their sideburns. When the hair around your ears gets too long, it will throw off your entire beard image – trust us. Shaping them is pretty simple too, but if you’d rather have an expert take to the trimming, you know where to find us!

It’s also important to keep your lips in mind – they deserve some serious attention to detail when shaping and trimming your beard. Make sure no hairs from your beard or mustache protrude over them. Oh, and make that same effort for your nostrils too. As you comb through the hair around your mouth, pull out those handy grooming scissors to nip anything that falls out of place. So, are you ready to tackle the art of beard shaping? It can be scary and overwhelming but it’s also achievable. Many of our clients at Dapper Gents come in because they believe they’ve messed up their beard by trying to cut or trim it. If this sounds like you, not to worry, our professionally trained and experienced barbers can take your beard from drab to fab! We understand the importance of your brand, your self-image, and how you want to appear which is why we do what we do. Whether you need that beard tamed with some trimming or you need a full-blown shave – we can do it all. You know the place, Dapper Gents in St. Louis on Washington Avenue or visit us online at https://dappergentsgrooming.com.