05 Aug

Beard Styles & Care

Whether the pressures of everyday shaving have grown to be too much or you’re just looking to switch up your style, the stylists at Dapper Gents are up to date on all the latest trends when it comes to facial hair. From short and precise to long and carefree, there’s a size, shape and style to fit every preference and face. Here are some of our favorites:

The Anchor Beard – This popular style looks exactly how it sounds. With sharp lines to trace the jawline, paired with a mustache, the anchor beard best compliments those who have round, oblong or square faces. However, unlike other styles, it does require a bit more maintenance to keep it looking in tip-top shape. Invest in a good pair of trimmers and visit your stylist to ensure it keeps its form.

The Full Beard – Full beards often require a bit more maintenance to keep them from looking overgrown or stringy. They work best for oval faces, but, grown right, can complement any face shape. Enlist your stylist’s help when it comes to shaping. To keep looking your best, grow your beard out to its peak length – the point in which it stops growing, and be patient if you have sparse areas. These patches will often fill themselves in after time passes. It may also be in your best interest to invest in quality beard oil or a comb or brush to keep the hair soft, tangle free and properly conditioned.

Chin Strap – This type of beard circles the chin and does not have mustache, so it requires a little less maintenance when it comes to upkeep. There are several variations of this style, but it typically works best for those with more rectangular faces. When selecting a chin strap beard, keep in mind the width. Your stylist can assist you to help make sure that you pick the best one to flatter your face. When it comes to touchup, expect to shave every other day or a couple times a week to keep precise lines.

Circle Beard – Circle beards, often referred to as goatees, are a combination of the chin strap and a mustache. This style is great for showing off strong, square jawlines and, unlike other previously mentioned styles, is a little easier to maintain. Beard oils can be helpful for not only keeping your hair looking and feeling great but can also promote good texture and growth.

Stubble – For those wanting to forgo their daily shave without all the maintenance of a beard, stubble beards are a great in-between style. They’re simple to maintain and fit a variety of face shapes. They make weak jaws look stronger, too. While your facial hair may be a smaller length, it will require frequent trimming to keep it as stubble rather than a full-on beard. Stubble also needs to be moisturized more frequently to keep it from getting scratchy.

At Dapper Gents, our stylists are here to help you get exactly the look you want. We know trimming and styling your facial hair is important to keeping up with your appearance. From lining to thinning we have you covered. Get in touch with our shop at 314-925-8542 or click here to make an appointment.