01 Apr

Best Products by Hair Style

No matter the type of hair you have, it’s extremely important that you maintain your look with the right upkeep and management that your style needs. Finding a barber that you trust is essential, but what happens after you leave the barber is just as important. Sure, you have the nice cut, but do you have the products to keep your hair looking fresh and on point?

Sleek and Shine Finish

If you’re going for a sleek slicked back look, hard water pomade is going to be your product. We commonly see people rocking this style. With this type of pomade, you can achieve that slicked back look without the unnecessary fly-away hairs or the stiff look.

Natural Finish

If you’re going for a more subtle, natural look, we recommend using hard cream pomade. You could say this pomade is heavy on the style, low on the shine. Hard cream pomade provides a strong hold that will allow you to achieve that slicked back look with a low-shine finish.

Lived-In Look

For an even more natural, “lived-in” style, soft water pomade is going to be the product for you. This pomade provides a light-hold, high-shine look. We like to recommend this product to our client’s with curly hair. It provides the shine and style they are looking for without the crunchy hard texture and look. 

Matte Finish

Going for a styled look with no shine? Clay pomade will provide just that. This product will keep your hair looking on point and leave your friends questioning how you did it. Clay pomade will give you the strong hold to keep your hair in place without looking shiny or greasy. This is an excellent choice for any hair type.

Styled but Messy Look

For a more tousled look, we recommend cream pomade. If you’re looking for a light-hold and low-shine, this is the pomade for you. It will leave you with a frizz-free purposefully tousled, natural look. We don’t often recommend cream pomade to our clients with longer hair unless used in addition to another product.

Don’t let your fresh cut go to waste by slacking on the upkeep. Our stylists at Dapper Gents are here to help you stay looking fresh and feeling good. We offer a variety of high-quality hair products in our shop and online. If you’re unsure of what product is going to work for you, ask one of our stylists.