01 Aug

Business Casual Men’s Cuts

Let’s Talk About Men’s Cuts

Every man wants to look professional and put together when it comes down to business. When trying to look polished, many people imagine changing their wardrobe. Although your closet can be an important fact, there are many other ways to create a sense of professionalism, including a variety of men’s cuts.

With a simple cut and style, a man’s head and facial hair can transform their look. However, for work you want to choose a haircut that says, “I’m a professional” and not “I just rolled out of bed.” We have assembled a complete list of business casual men’s cuts, styles, and facial hair to elevate your professional look.

Slick Back

A safe bet when it comes to workplace styles is the slick-back. This look is a classic for all ages and screams professionalism. When at the salon, you will want to ask your stylist for short, straight hair that is easy to style. If you have thicker hair, you may want to inquire about slimming the hair density to make it easier to work with.

How to Style the Look at Home:

  • Start with clean, dry hair.
  • Begin with a small amount of gel product.
  • Massage the product into the ends of your hair and let sit.
  • Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair.
  • Spray with hairspray to lock the style into place.
  • Tip: If your hair seems stiff, wet your hands with warm water.
A man is business casual attire with a slick back men's cut

Ivy League

If you are looking for a dapper look that still is trendy, we suggest the Ivy League cut. What is this you may ask? This style is often worn by those that attend Ivy League schools. This style can be worn by all ages and face shapes. At the barber, you can ask for a side part short style or a crew cut. Additionally, ensure that the cut tapers at the side while staying a little longer on top.

How to Style the Look at Home:

  • Comb back the sides of a side part or crew cut.
  • Use a small amount of styling gel to lock the style into place.
  • Enhance your natural hair by emphasizing curls and texture.
A young man with combed-back hair


Being bald is nothing to be ashamed of and is a look that should be celebrated. Bald can be sexy, cool, and professional all in one. This is one of those men’s cuts that be difficult to achieve on your own if you are not confident with a razor. Head to your local barber to achieve an even, bald cut without the knicks of trying it DIY!

How to Maintain the Look at Home:

  • Keep your head moisturized.
  • Wear sunscreen when outside.
  • Invest in good razors to maintain the style.
An African American mad with a bald men's cut working on a laptop

Clean Shave

If you are worried about your facial hair, we have got you covered on that front, too. When in doubt, clean shave is always a good option. If you want the full experience, a barber will provide you with a clean shave without the razor burn.

How to Maintain the Look at Home:

  • Wash your face in the morning and evening to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • Maintain the clean shave with a good razor.
  • Apply aftershave.
Younger man in a black suit leaning on a wall

Polished 5 O’Clock Shadow

A full shave can be difficult to maintain, so having a trimmed beard can be a good alternative. Ask your barber to clean up the edges and give your beard a nice, even trim. Discuss with them how to maintain a clean trim at home so that your facial hair does not become unruly.

How to Maintain the Look at Home:

  • Ditch the neck beard.
  • Blend in the stubble.
  • Trim as necessary.
Younger man in white dress shirt with black tie and a shaggy men's cut sitting in chair looking out the window

Although these are our recommendations, every work environment and culture are different. Some businesses may allow fun colors and styles, whereas others may have a stricter code to abide by.

If you are interested in a business haircut – no matter the kind – we can help! Not sure which business casual cut is right for you? Dapper Gents has a wide array of knowledge on cuts, styles, and facial hair. We can help you determine different business casual men’s cuts that are right for you and your lifestyle.

Get in contact with us today to give your hair the element of professionalism.