08 Apr

How to Choose the Right Barber

Choosing the right barber can be a bit of a process. It is okay to be nervous or skeptical when looking into new barbers, but it is important to know what you are looking for. We’ve come up with a list of qualities of a good barber to look out for when choosing the right place for you!

Good Reviews:

The key to finding a barber that is right for you is to do your research. Recommendations from friends and family members can help guide you in the right direction. On top of personal recommendations, you should also search for barbers near you and look through their websites and social media pages. A website can help you form a clear vision of the barber before going in for your first cut. You can also check their site to ensure that they offer the service you are looking for.

Enjoyable Experience:

When trying out barbers, the overall experience and atmosphere are just as important as the service they offer. Some people enjoy a quick “silent haircut” while others like to decompress and talk, so it is important to find a barber that is aware of your expectations and respects your comfort level.


You want to choose a barber that is knowledgeable when it comes to current trends, styles, techniques, and hair products. The right barber will provide high-quality services that fit your style. They should also have the skillset to showcase the style that you are looking for. Oftentimes, clients will come in with a picture of what they would like done and a good barber will clarify the style or cut then execute it effortlessly.


The best barber for you is passionate about their area of expertise. Knowledge and skill are important qualities of a good barber, but passion elevates their work and contributes to an overall pleasant experience.

When choosing the right barber, you may have to do some research to see if they are the right fit, and that’s okay! As you research barbers near you, look for the key aspects listed above. Our crew at Dapper Gents is sure to have what you are looking for and they are ready to help you look your best.

Whether you are looking for a haircut, straight razor shave, facial hair trim, or more, Dapper Gents provides a high-quality experience. Book an appointment with one of our stylists at Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge today!