07 Jan

Male Hairstyles for 2022

They say, “New Year – New Me!” The problem with this is that many do not want to make a dramatic change amid all the chaos of a new year. The great thing about hair is that a simple change in style, color, or cut can drastically change how you are perceived and look. To try and spice up your current look, we at Dapper Gents have compiled some of our favorite looks for 2022. These hairstyles are easy ways to change your look for the new year without having to break the bank or cut carbs.

Keep It Natural:

As the beauty industry shifts toward natural beauty, we see numerous hairstyles following this trend as well. Many men are falling in line with their natural hair texture, whether it be curly, kinky, or wavy. No matter how you like to cut and style your hair, keeping the texture au naturel is the way to go for this new year.

70s Shag:

What comes around, goes around when it comes to decades, and we keep seeing modern celebrities bring back this 70s hairstyle. A shag look is typically a shoulder-length hairstyle that incorporates lots of layers to create movement and personality. If you like to keep your hair longer but want to try a new style to modify your current look, the 70s shag might be the style for you.

Buzzcut Season:

Having grown popular in 2021, the buzzcut hairstyle is one that experts say will keep rolling into 2022. This look is modern cool and will allow you to stand out in the new year. There are variations on this style as some like to keep it a little longer on the top with a buzz on the side and others go full buzz cut. If you are balding or want something with minimal effort, a buzzcut may be the way to go.

Modern Mullet:

If you are looking for a trendy hairstyle, the modern mullet is sure to check the box. This style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are bold and like to do something out of the box, mullets are a fun way to change up your look. Short in the front and long in the back, a mullet is an easy way to look stylish this year.

Caesar Cut:

As the name implies, this hairstyle pays homage to Julius Caesar, a dictator of the Roman empire. This style is another that is low maintenance and perfect for those that are balding in the front. Featuring a short crop, this style pushes the loose hair on the top forward to create a short bang in the front of the head. Caesar’s hairstyle is one cut, that while remaining a classic, is set to be popular for 2022.

If you are considering any of these exciting styles or want to try something different for 2022, Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge may be the perfect place to make the change. Book an appointment today with one of our stylists to stand out as you take on the new year!

Man getting the back of his head shaved