06 Dec

The Best Holiday Looks for 2021

The holidays are fast approaching! That means Christmas parties, friends, families, and New Year’s celebrations. But how are you going to make an impressive entrance during these occasions? Depending on the formality of these events, you need a hairstyle that strikes the perfect balance between casual and classy. With the upcoming festivities right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to consider different holiday looks to make a dashing appearance this holiday season.

Whether you like a shorter look or have a flow to work with, any hairstyle can make a bold statement. Together, our team at Dapper Gents compiled some charming holiday looks that’ll put pomade and hair oil at the top of your Christmas list!

Modern and Simple:

When it comes to shorter looks, you can pull off some festive haircuts that require little maintenance. We suggest going for a traditional scissored trim and amping it up with molding hair clay. For a clean touch, keep the sides and backside trimmed short. On the top section, leave about an inch and a half of length to balance it out. Lastly, lightly add pomade to incorporate some definition and movement. This high-textured look is easy and suitable for anyone to try out. 

A Refined Look:

For a more sophisticated hairstyle, we require a little more attention to detail and product usage. To achieve a polished look, keep the sides trimmed short with the sideburns shaved neatly. Although these minor details might not seem like a huge deal, they’ll pull your entire look together. For the top section, go for a lightly textured square cut. We also suggest leaving about three inches of length at the front, and one and a half inches at the crown. Additionally, you’ll want to style it up using a grooming cream in small amounts. Don’t forget to apply a light spray to top it off!

Layer It Up:

If you’re looking for more length while keeping a shorter look, go for a layered hairstyle. We suggest a scissored haircut with a razor trim to achieve the ideal length for you. Ask your hairstylist to leave enough length in the front for a side part and cut the rest very close. To keep this look maintained, use hair oil on damp hair and apply small amounts of pomade to finish.

Movement and Flow:

Nothing makes a better impression than a good flow. If you’re going for a longer look this season, we suggest keeping the hair length close to the chin and making the most of your hair texture – whether it’s wavy or curly. The trick to this look is to using small amounts of a nongreasy pomade to maintain the perfect shape. Slicking back the top and sides of those locks will remove fringe and open up your facial features.

Need help perfecting your look this holiday season? We’ve got you covered. At Dapper Gents, we offer tailored haircuts to help you achieve any look you’re going for. Book an appointment with one of our stylists at Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge today!