01 Aug

How to Grow Long Hair – A Guide for Men

Most men imagine what it would be like to have long, luscious locks at least once in their life. When seeing Jared Leto or Jason Momoa, they wonder what it would feel like to sport hair like theirs. They imagine running their hands through grown-out hair or shaking their wet hair out after a shower.

Luckily, most men look good with long locks, they just aren’t sure how to grow it out. Growing it out takes more effort than simply not getting a haircut for several months. Long hair looks (and feels) best when it is healthy and grown out supported by a tad bit of care and planning.

Here are a few tips on how to properly grow out and nourish it during the process.

Utilize Supplements

There are many supplements on the market that grow it out faster and stronger. You can use natural oils such as rosemary and coconut oil to help with growth. Additionally, you can take regular vitamins that promote growth such as:

  • Vitamin B
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C
  • Keratin

If you are looking for a product specifically designed for growth, you can find enriching serums to massage into the scalp. There are also several supplements that aim to grow the it out.

Switch Up Your Products

You may currently use products like waxes and texturizing products, but you are in a new hair lane, and you need to learn how to properly cruise here. Lighter products are ideal for longer hairstyles, so they do not weigh down your hair. Research some of the best men’s products for your hair type and ensure they support your end goal. Every person’s is unique, but generally hydrating and smoothing products help control unwanted texture and flyways while remaining breathable.

Cut Your Hair Strategically

It may seem obvious to simply not cut it while trying to grow it out; however, that is exactly what you should not do. Trimming haircuts actually promote healthy growth and eliminate no-nos like split ends. Growing out your hair can result in many awkward stages, so haircuts can make you look good while you’re in the grow-out process. The growing-out haircut should not be dramatic but should instead be strategic.

Purchase Some Tools

Besides creams, sprays, and pastes there are some other tools that can ensure a good hair day. Blow dryers help quickly dry your hair, activate styling products, and volumize it. If you are worried about blow-drying with curly hair, a diffuser attachment can enhance them. Heat damage is a possibility, though, so invest in a heat protectant or purchase an ionic dryer.

A hairbrush is an obvious, but essential tool. Brushing does more than just tame tangles and crazy hair. Brushing regularly (once every day) helps distribute the hair’s natural oils so the entire strand is nourished, not just the roots. Additionally, brushing your locks prevents split ends.

If you are looking to begin your growth journey or are almost to the finish line, we can enhance your look. The team at Dapper Gents is well-versed in all things hair so we can help you plan your growth process from looks to product recommendations. Contact us or stop in to see us and learn how to grow out your hair.