12 May

Is a Mustache Right for Me?

The mustache is a facial hair trend that has never truly gone out of style, but there are many ways to groom and style one that it can get overwhelming. When deciding to grow a mustache your face shape, hair type, and general ability to grow facial hair all play into whether it is right for you.

Can you grow a beard?

Sometimes, genetics make it difficult to grow facial hair. A mustache could seem like a less intimidating option than a beard, but the truth is that growing a mustache takes the same time and maintenance as growing a full beard. If this is your first time growing a beard or mustache, be sure to set an achievable goal for yourself. However, if you are unable to grow a beard, this look may not be right for you.

Do you have the patience?

When growing a mustache, you must consider the “awkward” stages you may go through prior to reaching your ideal style. If you do not have the patience to get past the uncomfortable growing period, this look may not be right for you. 

Do you have the face shape?

Most times, the style of depends on both face shape and the ability to grow facial hair. When deciding to grow a mustache, keep your face shape in mind as you choose a style. An easy guide to choosing a style best suited for your face shape is to research celebrities with similar face shapes to yours to somewhat visualize your own. Give yourself some credit…you could totally pull off that Hulk Hogan ‘stache if you wanted!

Are you willing to manage it?

The process of growing a mustache does not end once it comes in. Maintaining a mustache takes time, effort, and precision well after you grow it out. If you are not willing to spend time and money on your mustache, a mustache may not be right for you. 

At Dapper Gents, we value the effort that goes into growing all facial hair. Our Dapper Gents team will not only help you decide if a mustache is right for you but assist in trimming and thinning your style as needed. We are dedicated to ensuring that you walk away looking and feeling your best after every visit. 

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