02 Sep

Men’s Fall Style

A men's fall style look including a flannel, loafers, belt and cuffed jeans.

Fall is approaching quickly, which means so are this year’s fall looks. From flannels to boots and beards to longer hairstyles, fall is the perfect season to step up your style game.

If you’re like us, you are looking forward to the season. It’s finally time to swap out your short sleeves for your jackets and boots. Up your fall style by following our guide.

Flannels – Casual and Cool

We can’t talk about men’s fall style without talking about flannels. Flannels are perfect when paired with jeans and boots for a more casual look. If you like to layer, flannels will also work well under a light jacket. When talking about flannels, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Depending on how you plan to style it, you may want to choose a thicker material vs. a thinner material.

Fall Jackets – The Styles Are Endless

If you have to choose one go-to fall item, choose a jacket. The styles are endless. With the right style, jackets pair well with almost any fall look. Every guy should have a couple of options to choose from. Our jacket style must-haves include a jean jacket, a quilted jacket and a light parka.  

Denim – A Look That Never Goes Out of Style

Denim is something that can be worn all year round. Different colors of denim make the perfect pairing for a variety of fall looks. You should have a few options to choose from. Dark denim pairs well with just about any look and it can be dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look. Black denim pairs nicely with just about any look, so you should keep a few pairs in your closet. And we can’t forget distressed denim. We don’t judge the distressed denim look; in fact, we encourage it with a nice flannel and jacket combo. It’s a good way to up your style game.

Hairstyles – Let it Grow

The heat is a common reason for men’s short hairstyles in the summer. With the temps dropping, fall is the perfect time to let your hair grow to a longer length. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with some longer-styled looks, now is the time to start. Our experienced stylists can tailor your cut to best suit your taste and face shape.

Do you need help getting your look ready for fall? We’ve got you covered. Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists. While you’re out shopping for your fall wardrobe, keep in mind that we have a variety of clothing options on our online store and in the shop. Give us a call today!