05 Aug

Our Guide to Men’s Hair Products

We get asked by many men who come into our grooming lounge: “What’s the key to having awesome hair?” Our answer?

  • Have a knowledgeable, experienced barber and use the right hair products.

There are thousands of men’s hair products on the market; you just need to know what they are, what hair type they work best with and how to use them correctly. So, first figure out your hair type – thick, thin, curly, wavy – and we’ll help you with the rest.

Pomade. This is an excellent product for men with thick or curly hair, but it can still be used even if you have straight hair. It just works very well for thick, curly-headed guys. We like using pomade on the days we’re going for a slick appearance – where our hair boasts a “well-combed” look. Pomade is known for its high-shine, medium-hold attributes that won’t leave your hair dry, hard or crunchy. Another plus: you can restyle your hair as many times as you’d like throughout the day with pomade.

Clay. If you have long or curly hair and need help controlling frizz, then clay is your go-to. Since it is made from clay, it’s a bit sticky but allows for a firmer hold over pomade or other products. For men who have thin hair, clay is great because it adds thickness, body and texture for a fuller feel and look, plus it absorbs easily. Clay works best when your desired look is a matte or low-shine finish. Restyling doesn’t work well with clay because it has a high hold factor, so the style you start your day with is likely the style you’ll end with.

Wax. Wax will work for your everyday look if you’re going for something with medium-hold and medium-shine. This product works very well for men with straight hair that is short to medium in length. Stay away from wax if you have waves or curls as it is prone to clumping. You can easily style and restyle your hair with wax, so feel free to change up your look during the day. Most of our clients use wax when their desired look requires a comb, meaning they’re going for a side part or pompadour.

Cream. Men with medium to long hair typically rely on hair cream for a shine that looks truly natural. This product works for many hair types, but is especially useful for men with stubborn frizz that can be difficult to manage. Cream products also work wonders if you have thin or fine hair. They are lightweight, so you hardly notice anything in your hair at all. As a man with longer locks, the last thing you want is a stiff or greasy ‘do.With a low-hold product like cream, you can kiss that worry goodbye.

Gel. For a product that works on pretty much all hair lengths, thicknesses and textures, gel is the answer.It’s a high-shine, high-hold option which allows you to shape and style your hair however you want. Convenience is a factor with gel because it gets put on damp hair, saving you time from having to dry your hair as you would have to with other products. However, the alcohol found in gel strips natural moisture from your hair which can make it dry, brittle and much easier to break. With gel, there is little to no flexibility to restyle your hair, so plan on one style and one style only with gel. 

There are many more men’s hair products than the ones we have discussed here. We wanted to give you a glimpse into the world of men’s hair products. We’re sure you will have questions about other products, their uses, pros and cons, etc. That’s great, because when you come see us at Dapper Gents, our professionally-trained barbers take the time to consult with you, learn your style, and understand the look you’re wanting to achieve. We’ll make sure you purchase the right product and know how to use it so you’ll look, well, dapper! You know the place: Dapper Gents in St. Louis on Washington Avenue or visit us online at https://dappergentsgrooming.com