03 May

Picking The Right Barber – What You Need To Know

We think it’s pretty fair to say that most men are not like women when it comes to their hair. Women spend years searching for the perfect salon with the perfect stylist to give them their perfect look. It’s a relationship; they truly commit to their stylist as their stylist commits to them – making sure at each appointment their client gets the exact color, cut, and style they require. Many men, on the other hand, are satisfied with going to an average hairdresser at a walk-in chain salon. This can certainly work for men who may not be trying to achieve a consistent image. However, for the modern man who wants a reliable, skilled barber who will deliver on the promise of a consistent, sharp haircut with every visit – well, you have to go to Dapper Gents for that.

Here’s what you need to know if you or the man in your life is trying to pick the right barber. 

The Ask: Don’t be afraid to ask several different men where they go, especially if their look is one you’d love to have. Don’t settle by continuously going to your current barber just because “you’ve always gone to him or her.” As you ask people about where they go and their experiences with “said barber,” check these places out on your own. And remember, if you talk to guys with awesome haircuts, chances are they’ll have no problem referring you to their barber of choice. 

Self-Confidence: It’s critical to find self-confidence in a barber. When you trust a barber with your hair, you want one that exudes confidence in his/her abilities. Not to mention, you want them to tell you, with certainty, what will and won’t work for you. Some barbers will give you the exact cut and style you ask for, even if they know it will look awful. That’s not how we work at Dapper Gents, our barbers are experts in their trade. They have the confidence and the skill to speak up, offering suggestions to each client that will ultimately lead to a cut that is a true masterpiece.

Appearances: Nobody wants to go to a barber who doesn’t appear well-groomed. There is nothing wrong with giving a potential new barber the “once over.” What does he/she look like? Do they appear pressed, clean, and presentable? Does their personal grooming match yours? This attention-to-detail is necessary when picking the right barber. If he/she puts ample time into their own appearance, you can rest assured they will take your appearance just as seriously. At Dapper Gents, our barbers are in the business of helping men look, well, dapper! Our job is two-fold: looking good for you and making you look good for the world.

Feedback: You want a barber who will stop a few times during your cut to ask questions. A good barber, like the ones at Dapper Gents, will engage you during your appointment to ensure they are giving you a first-class cut. They will likely ask what you like and don’t like about your hair, if you want to change your style, and if your hair’s shape at your neckline suits your desired look. When a barber entertains feedback from the client, they can easily avert any potential disaster that an average barber can’t. Many men don’t realize how important communication is when you sit in the barber’s chair. It’s critical – otherwise you could end up with a cut, style, or even a shave that just doesn’t fit your image.

At Dapper Gents, our clients don’t just walk in to a chain salon for a haircut. They enter a luxury men’s grooming lounge, ideal for the discerning male. We understand the importance of time-tested traditions and seek to modernize this tradition. Our skilled barbers provide tailored haircuts, beard and mustache trims, eyebrow waxes, hot towel straight shaves and more! So, are you still trying to pick the right barber? Make it Dapper Gents, in St. Louis on Washington Avenue. Visit https://dappergentsgrooming.com.