10 Mar

Spring Style: The Top Men’s Haircuts for the Season

Spring has sprung, and what better way to emerge from winter hibernation than for a fresh haircut? Shed those shaggy locks for a cut that keeps you looking good at your job and out socializing. Need some suggestions on what styles are in fashion for men in 2020? The stylists at Dapper Gents is up to date on all the guys’ haircut trends. Here are a few of our favorites:

• FEELING BUZZED — When the weather gets warmer, a lot of guys opt to go short, and one should never rule out the appeal of a buzz cut. What you may not realize is that before you go under the electric clippers, you have several length options for your buzz, from the traditional super short military style to styles with higher guards on the clippers like the Burr or butch buzz cuts. However, you could also try an “Ivy League,” which uses scissors to help blend the sides. That style actually leads into our next category…

• CATCH A FADE — Fades remain a popular way to look stylish yet professional with a number of different haircuts, including buzz cuts. If making a visual impact is part of the goal for your look, there are numerous options, depending on how much of your scalp you want covered or exposed, from the aforementioned Ivy League, Caesar, a classic crew cut, high and tight, high, low or mid fades, or even a skin fade. Incorporating a design into the fade is returning to popularity as well although you’ll likely want to keep it simple, sleek and tasteful. (No Batman symbols circa 1989.)

• CHOOSING SIDES — For a classic look, some men prefer a side part, and stylists have found creative ways to keep it looking fresh and not like your grandpa’s combover. The side part can be combined with fades to create varying textures, and the volume and height of hair on the top of the head can be cut and styled in myriad ways. Consider a side part with a quiff, a pompadour, a fauxhawk, or a disconnected undercut for looks that are striking but retain a gentlemanly appearance.

• FEEL ME FLOW — Of course, going short isn’t your only option. If spring is making you want to run wild and free, a flow cut may be for you, provided you’ve got the length to make it work and the commitment to more maintenance. Whether you choose on long, medium, or shorter flow, you’re going to want a good brush and styling products to give it wings that appear casual but not messy. If your hair is naturally wavy, curly, thick or a combination, you and your stylist can find a flow that works for you.

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