05 Jun

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil or Beard Balm

Beards are kind of the “thing” nowadays? Men can distinguish themselves and their overall image with their facial hair. From chin goatees to handlebar mustaches or French beards – more and more men are now sporting full blown beards. You may not realize it, but beards require just as much care as the hair on your head. At Dapper Gents, we’ve had hundreds of men come in for luxury grooming services who just don’t take care of their beards. It’s necessary, trust us. If you want a beard that is stylish, kempt, and striking – you need the help of some beard oil or balm and a little T-L-C from the Dapper Gents crew.  

Successfully choosing a beard oil or balm depends on a few things:

  • Is your beard long or short?
  • What’s your skin type? Dry or oily?
  • Do you want your beard to be shiny or would you rather a matte appearance?
  • What type of environment / industry do you work in? Outdoors, office, restaurant?

Both beard oil and balm are great moisturizers for you beard, but let’s talk beard oil first. This is an essential must-have if you’re rocking a beard – regardless of length. The moisturizers found in beard oil can help reduce and treat beard dandruff. Yes, that’s really a thing. Also, if you’re just starting out your beard growth journey, it’s no secret that it can itch like crazy. No worries though, beard oil soothes that “new beard” itch, offering some relief. 

The term “oil” might make you think beard oils are products that will leave a greasy reside on your face. They are actually very light, oil-based moisturizers that leave no residue or any evidence that you even put it on. You simply massage the oil through your beard just as you would shampoo in your hair; except the oil doesn’t get rinse out. Long beards rapidly absorb the oil which will give it a classy matte (not shiny) appearance. By applying beard oil every day, you’ll boast a smooth, stylish beard that is sure to turn a few heads. 

Moving on to beard balm; you’ll want to use this if you have overly dry skin or if your beard is in that medium to large size range. Instead of a liquid, like the beard oil, balms are thicker like pomade which prolongs the amount of time it takes for your beard to absorb it. This is actually a good thing for men with fuller beards because the longer the balm takes to absorb the longer your beard is receiving moisture. In addition to longer-lasting moisture, balms are responsible for that shiny, glossy look many men seek. 

The thick consistency of balms also makes them great for control purposes. You’ll likely have flyaway hairs on your beard the same way you have flyaway hairs on your head. Thankfully though, balms are strong enough to tame those stubborn hairs leaving your beard healthy, refined, and looking great from morning until night.At Dapper Gents, we have a number of beard oils and balms to choose from. Our professionally trained and experienced barbers can help you look at the options and select the product that’s best for your beard needs. What’s even better is that you can always use both beard oil AND balm. When it comes to caring for your beard, you can rest easy because our staff knows the importance of professional, luxury men’s grooming that will have you looking dapper in no time. Come see us in St. Louis on Washington Avenue or visit https://dappergentsgrooming.com.