01 Oct

Complete Costume with the Perfect Halloween Hairstyle

Guy dressed in a superman costume with the classic superman Halloween hairstyle.

In last month’s blog, we encouraged short hair lovers to let their locks grow for the fall season. While the cooler temperatures are a great time to try out longer looks, it is also great preparation for the Halloween season.

Whether you’re planning to fully transform yourself into your favorite character or are just looking for a simple way to look festive, a new Halloween hairstyle is a perfect solution. Our Dapper Gent’s team put together 5 looks that can all be achieved with just one product: our Baxter Clay Pomade.

The Superhero

Superman has and will always be a go-to costume for Halloween. To add the finishing touch to your look, you must master the hairstyle. Superman sports the slicked-back side part with a signature curl. In order to achieve this look, your hair should be about 2-3 inches long in the front. Grab our pomade and apply throughout. Begin the styling process by parting your hair to the side using a comb. Pull a section of your bangs away from the rest of your hair and give it a twirl. Lock it in with some extra pomade and you’re set!

The Preppy Guy

The preppy guy is one of our favorite looks for the season! Pair together pieces you probably already have – nice chinos, a button-down shirt, and a pastel-colored sweater draped across your shoulders. Finish off the look by creating the perfect comb-over hairstyle. It’s as easy as using some pomade and combing all of your hair to one side!

The Vampire

One of the most timeless hairstyles is the modern slick-back ‘do, best worn by the infamous vampire Dracula. To achieve this hairstyle, start with wet hair. Add in pomade and slick back using a wide-toothed comb. Continue backcombing with a blow-dryer to ensure everything is locked in place.

The Rockstar

Go all out by dressing up as one of your favorite 80’s rockers! If you have a hot tool accessible, start with that. Straighten or curl the hair outward to increase volume and make styling easier. Next, grab a large amount of pomade and start molding the hair directly up in 1-inch sections. Repeat until you’ve reached your desired spiky and messy look. Finish it off with a thick headband worn across your forehead. Show up to a Halloween party like this and you’ll be ready to rock!

The Athlete

This one might be our favorite – after all, is it even a costume? Start by dressing in your favorite workout gear or athletic uniform and accessorizing with a water bottle and sweatband. If you have curly hair, start by brushing it out to create volume. For those of you with straight hair, backcomb vigorously to increase texture. Now, grab a small amount of pomade and start molding your hair in all different directions. The goal of this style is to look as messy as possible!

Whichever look you decide to try, we know you will catch everyone’s eyes at your next fall bash by taking some of our inspiration for Halloween hairstyles!

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