10 Oct

Halloween Hair Looks for 2022

Halloween is right around the corner. Do you still need a costume idea that is current and fashionable? Halloween is all about changing your identity and switching up your hairstyle to fit your Halloween hair look is just the way to do it. And, you never know, you might just like it more than your usual, go-to hairstyle.

Let’s Talk Halloween Hair Trends of 2022

There is a handful of trending tv shows, movies, and characters that you can recreate this Halloween. To make it even better, you can be as creative as you want with your costume and your Halloween hair. Before you hit the Halloween store, here are some of our favorite costume ideas for 2022 that you can pair with the coolest Halloween hair.

Top Gun

A very popular movie released this year: Top Gun: Maverick is sure to be a trending costume. If you’re going with this look, you can find a pilot costume with matching accessories at just about any Halloween store. Before you hit the parties, you may stop by the barber to touch up the stache and hairstyle. This look requires wind-swept, swooped hair which is a reoccurring style in today’s world. So, whether you have this hairstyle already or not, it is not hard to recreate.


Another famous movie that recently came out is Elvis. Elvis’ hair is one of the many well-known traits that he had. If your hair has a lot of natural volume, then this might be a good look for you. If you want that big, dramatic, jet-black hair to take the costume to another level, you will need these products. Any pomade will work to smooth the hair back, then applying texture or boosting powder to add texture and volume to the hair and using a blow dryer to fluff it out if needed. You can even rock your Halloween hair after the holiday!

Ted Lasso

If you’re a comedian among your friends, Ted Lasso may be the Halloween getup for you. The main character, Ted Lasso, has slicked back hair with a side part. To rock this Halloween hair, you will need pomade and likely a quick trim. Not to mention his mustache is a shining spotlight all on its own. If you already have a mustache and want to go a step further, let a barber shape you up. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, it could take a while to grow, or it may not. You will need to maintain the shape of the mustache, but it should not be too long of a process.

Stranger Things

There is a range of treasured and loved characters in 2022. However, we can all agree that the Stranger Things crew is among the top. If you’re looking for a long Halloween hair look, we recommend the beloved Eddie from Season 4. A major fan favorite not only for his personality in the show but also for his long, curly hair, dressing as Eddie will help you stand out in the crowd. Obviously, this rock and roll look is not easy for those who have pin-straight, short hair. But, for those with a naturally long and curly hair type, this can be simple. If you are still striving for a Stranger Things character costume, other exciting options are Steve, Dustin, Lucas, and more.

If you want to wow the crowd with your Halloween hairstyle and look as good as the characters, set up an appointment with one of our experienced barbers.

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